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“Headphones off” for some time…

by Third Decade on May.22, 2010, under News, Podcast, 35 view(s)

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Well, it’s hard for me to say it, but need to make some longer break from mixing. I’m so angry about that but can’t do anything. I need to concentrate on my job now and won’t be able to release regular episodes for sure. I also see some advantages, cause maybe in free time I finally manage to finish “yearmix 2009″. Really don’t know when I’ll be able to come back and make Podcast regular again. It can happens even after summer. :(

I am leaving You with my already released sets and hope to see You soon! :)


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Podcast 020 delayed

by Third Decade on Mar.25, 2010, under News, Podcast, 36 view(s)

Because of problems with completing a tracklist and making a final mix, upcoming episode will be release few days later than usual. Hope it will be tomorrow (on Friday).

Sorry for any inconvenience – see You soon. :)

EDIT (29.03.2010): I come up with idea to make something else. I am not going to release mix in few days, but… You will be able to hear (and download of course) a special extended episode on Wednesday, 7th April. 20th episode is a quite nice occasion to make some special release and of course there is another cause of this whole situation (You can read about it right above). I think this is the best solution I could come up with. I also believe that this extended mix will recieve as many positive emotions and words from You as it was when I released episode 016 (’After The Break’ mix). So stay tuned, cause I found some real nice tracks that You’ll surely fall in love with! :)

Mike (Third Decade).

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Podcast – time for change…

by Third Decade on Feb.20, 2010, under News, Podcast, 45 view(s)

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Hi there, simply because of few facts that happend in last two weeks I decided to change a little bit a form of my podcast. Now it will be released once per two weeks. Why? First of all, last episode and previous week (when I was about to release another one – 018) showed it was very hard for me to find fresh releases that I really want to play and share with You. My music flavour is very demanding I think, so maybe it’s not because of a poor quality of last releases, I just can’t find these 10 or 12 tracks that really “turns me on”. I created this podcast to play tunes that makes me sad, happy, smile or whatever. I need emotions and a “feeling” (just like it was when I was mixing most of released episodes), but there was a lack of it in last episode, so it’s time to improve it! ;)

I believe that this change will only make this podcast better, maybe even extended, cause so far I didn’t decide how long would it be. Keep Your fingers crossed, all I need is luck, cause I can assure You that I would do anything to make it better.

So see You next week (as usual, on Wednesday). 8)

Mike (Third Decade)

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Podcast 014 – Delayed (till Thursday)

by Third Decade on Dec.16, 2009, under News, Podcast, 74 view(s)


I have to annouce that episode 014 of my podcast will be (exceptionally) delayed and I am going to release it tomorrow on Thursday (17th December). Unfortunately, I am too busy to mix it on time. Sory for inconvenience, hope to see You here tomorrow. :)


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Hi there, the opening…

by Third Decade on Aug.21, 2009, under News, 124 view(s)

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The opening...

The opening...

Hi there,

well, what can I say at the beginning – site launched few minutes ago, Wordpress is really impressing tool, I would honestly recommend it to anyone who wants to build site quickly (and properly). Now let’s say something about me and this site, it won’t take long – it’s simple. I created it just because of pure love to electronic music (especially Trance and Progressive). This blog is something like my DJ’s diary/notebook (don’t get me wrong – I am totally amateur DJ and I’m mixing just for me, my friends and You since now ;)) all I want is to store here all of my sets and mixes (probably mashups and personal productions in the future too) and share them with You.

Hope You enjoy listening to this astonishing music and maybe try yourself in mixing it. Experience deep emotions and feel all basses, beats and melodies…

Sit back and enjoy, Mike (Third Decade). :)

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